What if the
Incorruptible bench
was found taking bribes ?

Civichub is already doing something about it


A generation ago, it was virtually impossible for Nigerians to make a demand on Government except by protests and civil disobedience. Today, we have seen campaigns like #Budget of Corruption force the Government to withdraw a national budget filled with inflated costs and re-introduce a new one after proper review. The Civic Hub was conceived out of the startup accelerator model, which has been critical to the global entrepreneurship renaissance.

It answers these critical questions:

  • “How does someone passionate about creating a change in the society get started”?
  • “Why can’t there be a learning environment for those who are passionate about building new and effective social interventions”?
  • “Can the same tools, techniques and technologies that have been used to build the most profitable products and services across the world, be used to build the most impactful social interventions”?.

An Accelerator for Civic Tech Leaders

What we do

We find, train, support and fund exceptional individuals
whose ideas, passion and innovation can help change lives
and improve Governance.

Let's change the world together

Citizens' Rights
Free Press
Girl Child

Call for Application December 20 2016
Application Deadline: January 31 2017
First Batch: March 1, 2017

Civic Tech Leadership Fellowship is a highly competitive fellowship designed to prepare future Civic Tech leaders in Africa. The fellows receive training; mentoring and funding to empower them pursue the socio-economic development they want to see in Africa.
The Civic Tech Leadership Program prepares the next generation of outstanding Civic Tech leaders by taking them through an intense training and mentorship program. The fellowship allows talented individuals to build their capacity to build an organization that will pursue the greater socio-economic futures they want to see in Africa.

    Civic Hub’s objective is to:
  • Empower young people, passionate about creating social change with the knowledge, resources and network necessary to achieve success.
  • Facilitate the development of new programs or products that increase transparency in Governance, increasing citizens’ participation in Governance.
  • Facilitate the development of programs and tech products that increase civic engagement and social justice.
    To be eligible, applicants must:
  • Be not be older than 40years of age
  • Fluent in English
  • Be a citizen of an African country (However, first call is for Nigerians only)
    Selection criteria include:
  • A simple idea but with extraordinary impact potential
  • Amazing Passion for social change
  • Sound conceptualization of problems, solutions & challenges
  • Thought process for sustainability
  • A potential for a future career dedicated to working on a social cause
  • Full-time commitment to a rigorous program, which is required of our fellows
    Compensation Package
  • A stipend to cover the cost of the applicant expenses for 1 year (an additional one year due to exceptional performance)
  • Travel allowance to events approved by the program
  • Access to global donor network/impact investors for further support
  • Access to international fellowships & leadership programs
  • Office space for the fellow
  • Stipends for two support staff for each team
  • Technical support for teams (development and design)

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