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Half of Africa live in
Extreme Poverty

We will change that. Poverty in Africa is not due to a lack of resources but simply bad Governance.

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Do you need help developing or scaling your Civic tech idea?

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Collaboration Space for Africa's
Civic Tech Innovators.

CivicHub is Africa’s first Civic Tech accelerator. A community space for civic tech leaders, developers, social entrepreneurs , journalists and anyone seeking to build tools, and solve social problems.



Solve Problems Together

This is CivicHub. A collaboration center for Africa’s Civic Tech Leaders, Change makers, Social entrepreneurs, academics and citizens to share knowledge, build tools and solve problems together.

Our Fellows

Our fellows are mostly young people who have a deep drive for social change and have a strong passion for building new and scalable solutions to social problems.

Our Associates

CivicHub Associates are professionals who are engaged in their daily job but seek to pursue a social cause they are passionate about.

An Accelerator For Civic Tech Leaders

We find and fund scalable tech solutions…

Lets Change the World together

We find, train, support and fund exceptional individuals whose ideas, passion and innovation can help change lives and improve Governance. We also help those already changing their world scale.


The most critical factor driving innovation in Civic and Media technology is great talent. CivicHub is the platform for growing these great talent.

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We are building a community of practise to drive a growth of innovation in Media and Civic Technologies.

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New advances in technology brings new evolution of Civic and Media Technologies. The lab for tinkering and testing is CivicHub.

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Innovation is location agnostic. Great ideas are everywhere. CivicHub will an aggregation of the biggest networks pushing the envelope in Civic and Media Technologies.

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Civic Labs
Collaboration Spaces

We believe that technology has the potential the save humanity only if it is creatively and inclusively used. Civic Labs is a platform allowing all stake holders contribute to the design process as subject matter experts. Presently, we have a Media Lab (SLIM), Justice Lab, Health Lab, and Anti-Corruption Lab.

Collaboration Spaces

Civic Labs provides the necessary platform for multi-disciplinary, multi-shakeholder exploration of new approaches to solve perennial problems.

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Spaces are a stage for our public lives. They encourage diversity and interaction and most importantly – common values, ideas and goals. CivicHub is one huge set for the production of the biggest democratic intervention in Africa. Watch this space!

Muti-stakeholder Inclusion
Technology Dependence
Join us

2nd, floor, 42, Montgomery Road, Yaba, Lagos



Let's change our world together