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A Little About Us

We have a simple plan. To accelerate anyone who has a passion and a plan to create a solution to social problem around them.


Massive Dynamic has over 10 years of experience in Design. We take pride in delivering Intelligent Designs and Engaging.

Three Levels of Engagement

  • Fellows: Talents we are betting on

  • Associates: Talents already building stuff

  • Community: Everyone else we can serve

Finding Talent
Our Fellowship

One of the key factors in a Nation’s democratic success is how engaged and inclusive her Government is. However, the health of any democratic society may be measured by the levels of engagement and inclusion of the private citizen. This many times fall on the hands of the CSOs and NGOs. A generation ago, it was virtually impossible for Africans to make a demand on Government except by protests and civil disobedience. Today, we have seen campaigns like #Budget of Corruption in Nigeria force the Government to withdraw a national budget filled with inflated costs and re-present a new one after a proper review. Civic Tech is working and it can only play a bigger role in promoting true democracy. The Civic Hub is modelled as an accelerator to help social or civil intervention grow into systems for Citizens’ – Government engagement.

CivicHub was created to address the following social need:  How does someone so mad about creating a change in the society get started? Why can’t there be a school for those whose passion is to build new and effective social interventions? Why can’t the same tools, techniques and technologies that have been used to build the most profitable products and services across the world, be used to build the most impactful social interventions?  


Our Engagement


CivicHub Fellowship Program: This is a six month fully residential program which will provide fellows with the skill set to solve problems, develop products and build their own organizations. At the end of the six-month the fellows would have developed a solu- tion or product. Proven its s...



CivicHub Associate Program: Civic Consulting a development innova- tions consulting arm of CivicHub that supports people who already have traction with their product, idea or movement but need help evolving it into a sustainable organization. CivicHub provides technical support to these in...



CivicHub Community: We offer support services to individuals or organisations working to build civic tech product or other social interventions in their community. This is done through free trainings, community events or access to our networks.


CivicHub also opens it’s doors to CSOs and NGOs to collaboratively explore new technological solutions that can help increase the impact of their work.

Community Interventions

In our preliminary survey we identified 174 young people who have created one form of intervention to reverse a social injustice they have observe. CivicHub owes it to them to help them scale,

Great Minds

We offer fellowship to 6 great minds every year. But through partnership with other NGOs and CSOs who want to start their own fellowship programs, we hope to extend it to 16 slots annually.

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Developer Community

Over 64% of all our work is done through a network of volunteer developers, who contribute their code and sweat to the most difficult Civic Tech gigs.

Our Community Aspirations

Active Learning

With our community CivicHub would not hope to achieve its goals. We are hoping to change the world get raising teams of people who believe they can as well.

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Let's Change the World Together